SUPERMINDS: An innovative, research-based and dynamic Programme

    An innovative method for teaching ESL
  • SUPERMINDS  is an innovative, research-based and  dynamic Programme. Not only does it  teach English, in the most effective way, but it also teaches  skills and values to children aged 3-7 and 8-12.

    SUPERMINDS uses the latest technology in English learning, blending the traditional way of teaching  through books, interactive whiteboards CDs and DVDs, with I-Pads, muppets, cubes and simulations, Talking Pens, LEGO, Bricks, Educational Board Games, Blocks and Theatre.

    Famous  linguist  Gardnert  understood the importance of Multiple Intelligence and Piaget  said  that young children handle concrete images more easily than abstract words.

  • Roger Schank said:  “Children learn by trying to do something rather than knowing how to do something”

    That means children learn:

    • By Using
    • Through Interaction
    • By doing
    • By using their senses
    • Through experimentation
    • Through motivation.
    • Through interaction

    SUPERMINDS  has been developed and tested based on the above principles.

  • Why is SUPERMINDS different from any other English Learning Programme on the market?

    • Because it  focuses on Co-operative Learning
    • Because it uses TPR (Total Physical Response)
    • Because it offers Multiple-sensory Learning
    • Because it uses the Constructivist Approach
    • Because it uses the latest Technology in Education
    • Because its tutors are fully trained, experienced and supervised
    • Because learning comes through hands-on and minds-on activities and tasks
    • Because it uses E-Blocks, I-Pads, muppets, cubes and simulations, Hands on Activities and excellent printed material and Talking Pens
    • Because it enables students to be actively involved in the leaning process
    • Because it adopts CLIL whereby, apart from English, kids learn SCIENCE, MATHS  and LOGIC
    • Because it is SUPERMINDS 

    E-Blocks has been awarded the following awards for the best English Language Programme.
    • WSA Best learning product
    • Bessie Awards Early Elementary EFL solution
    • The Eddie Awards Best early Elementary English Learning Solutions
    • Distinguished Achievement Award
    • CODiE Awards .One of the five finalists in Language Learning
    • Worlddidac Award